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telephone answering company for tourism

Answering Service for Travel & Tourism

Despite the rise of social media and online support, telephone contact is still the preferred method of contact for the majority of customers. Whether they have a simple inquiry or a complex complaint you need to be sure that the person answering the phone has the best interests of your customer, and your business, at heart. Telephone answering is more than an auxiliary task taking place in the back office. For many customers it's the voice of your business itself. You want to be sure that the agent answering your calls is fluent in both the style and convention of travel.

The Importance of a Travel Industry Specific Service

Because telephone contact is the contact method of choice for most customers our telephone answering service is our most popular package. We are the only telephone answering service in the country to use call agents who are highly trained to deliver industry specific services. As a travel business this means that your customers are greeted by a voice that delivers every desired decibel and pitch perfect tone of hospitality they expect from someone helping them plan their next holiday.

  • Present a professional face with a human touch
  • Address the specific requirements of your unique client base
  • Keep warm leads from going cool in long queues

The human voice of your business – its character and the appeal of your business itself – needs to shine through in the first moment of contact with prospective customers. A truly professional telephone answering service will afford these customers the level of care you would afford them if they walked into your business premises. Our bespoke answering service is backed up by a full day of close work without our clients to script something truly unique, and with no fixed contract and a price match guarantee our clients are free to use as much or as little of our service as they like. In utilising the benefits of outsourcing all or part of your telephone customer service to Rapid Answer you're able to focus on developing the core areas of your business without the risk of losing leads.

The Benefits of Using a Telephone Call Answering Company for Travel & Tourism

Travel businesses that utilize a telephone call answering company for travel & tourism benefit from an industry in rapid development: outsourcing. What emerged as a viable response to an increasingly non-local (online) market has become a means of securing industry specific expertise. As experts in telephone answering services we free you up to focus on being experts in the travel industry. Our expertise not only provides your customers with a world class service, but increases the business bottom line through greater efficiency and a service that responds to fluctuations in demand rather than the demands of a fixed contract.

Our service comes with all the benefits of outsourcing, including a reduced requirement for staff, training and in-house expertise that results in reduced overheads and increased efficiency. Our packages range from full time messaging services to overflow-only services, and can be perfectly tailored to your requirements. This means that whatever the nature of your company, whether you deal primarily with Visa applications or hotel room bookings, we are experts at creating a telephone answering service that's right for your customers.

Benefit from:

  • An immediate response to customer inquiries
  • Immediate details of the call sent to your email or phone
  • An industry specific response that addresses your most common enquiries
  • The peace of mind that comes from delegating the front-end of your business to experts in the field