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telephone answering company for dentists

Answering Service for Dentists & Healthcare

No one knows the importance of bedside manner and a calm, attentive approach like a dentist, optometrist, podiatrist or other member of staff at a health care facility. Each day they deal with sensitive information that their patients would entrust to very few others. It's only natural that senior staff will want to know that the people on the business end of their phone line are as well versed in patient support and services as they are. Telephone contact is often the most immediate and direct means of contact for patients, and a telephone call answering company for dentists or other healthcare professionals the surest means of professionalism and efficiency.

Despite online contact forms and dedicated web pages, healthcare facilities operate in a field that demands trust and confidentiality. Many patients feel that talking, connecting with another human being, is the best approach. Medical practices of all kinds need to know that the call agent answering the phone is responsible, practical, experienced and attentive enough to earn a patient's trust. They are, after all, the first port of call.

The Importance of Call Answering Services in Health Care

When the surgery is busy it's important to know that the phone lines aren't, that there is no backlog or overflow preventing staff from doing their job to the best of their abilities. Patients need to be able to address pressing inquiries without long periods spent on hold, ideally through a telephone call answering service that connects them immediately with a tailored, bespoke service with their most common needs at heart. A telephone call answering company for dentists and other healthcare professionals, a specialist company that provides industry specific services, ensures that expertise in the medical field is married with expertise in customer service.

A telephone call answering service for dentists guarantees that:

  • Patients are afforded a professional service
  • Facilities are able to maximize their availability
  • Emergency and priority callers are not kept waiting
  • Facilities are able to create their own bespoke script and tailored service in the interests of their patients and according to the unique requirements of their practice

The Advantage of Telephone Call Answering Services

The piece of mind that comes from knowing a practices front-of-house is in good hands is not the only benefit. Securing the services of a telephone call answering company for dentists or other healthcare professionals affords practices the advantages of outsourcing a service to experts in their respective field. Dentists benefit from a service that increases efficiency as well as expertise, with highly trained call agents delivering a service designed to meet the demand rather than meet the limiting conditions of a fixed contract. Rapid Answer's bespoke service remains flexible in order to perfectly suit the fluctuating requirements of the waiting room.

Many practices enjoy:

  • Lower overheads, with a real-time service reducing the need for dedicated in-house staff
  • Smoother operating procedures, with telephone call answering experts on hand as much or as little they are needed
  • Enhanced efficiency, with call reports sent immediately to an email account of mobile phone
  • More time to focus on core healthcare service activities

Rapid Answer is the country's only company providing bespoke, industry specific telephone answering solutions. Outsourcing this branch of patient services to a dedicated, professional company means enhancing the professional face of a practice, with dentists and healthcare professionals able to decide on full-time messaging services or simple solutions to overflow as it arises. With no fixed contract and a price match guarantee, Rapid Answer delivers a highly intuitive service designed to meet the specific demands of the healthcare industry.