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Switchboard Answering

This essential service ensures that we can act as a the switchboard and receptionist for your company. The benefits of this service are truly endless, and the measureable factors of this service have proven to be more than insightful for our clients. When calls are made to this line one of our call agents will answer the call as the 'receptionist' of your company, answering it in the name of your company and following the instructions that have been discussed and setup during our first stage.

Who can benefit from the switchboard answering:

  • If your receptionist/switchboard operator is away for the day, out for lunch, your lines are understaffed or you are dealing with more calls than usual then this will act as the perfect option for these issues.
  • This is ideal if your workers are remotely based, and you wish to filter calls directly to their remote location and telephone number
  • For companies that are looking to organise their calls into a well routed system, ensuring that calls made to a central number are routed to a specific company, e.g. sales, support, accounts etc. This ensures that valuable time and resources are applied to your businesses and the correct person answers the call.
  • Those looking to present a professional face to their company! A switch board service is the perfect way to present this! With your call being answered in the name of your company and routed accordingly, the company will seem organised and customer focused.

How the switchboard answering service works:

  1. During the setup phase, you will work with one of our sales consultants so that you can a) devise the range of telephone numbers you want routed, e.g. to 5, 10, 15, 20+ plus numbers. These numbers will be associated with either, a) Relevant staff members b) Desired departments. We will setup the numbers during this stage, this can be domestic or international.
  2. We setup the call introduction message and the routing numbers
  3. Your number is diverted to our 'switchboard' operator. As soon as a call is received, our call operator routes the call according the requirement and information entered into our state of the art database.
  4. The person or department required has the call patched through to them. In the event that this person/department agent is unavailable at your company then we will take a message.

Do you think this exceptional service will assist in your businesses operational efficiency? Save you money? Make you money? Then contact one of our call agents today who will assist you in your enquiry!

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