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Overflow Services

The overflow service is designed to act as a 'plan B' back up plan to your regular telephone answering facilities. In the event that all your telephone agents are busy or unavailable, the call is then directly forwarded to our team who shall answer the call on your behalf. Our operatives will be answering the call exactly to the script and requirements that are specific to your business, in short:

We answer with an insightful answer based on the dedicated needs of your company! This is something we work closely with you during setup

Whether it is a sale, a customer service call, an out of hours call or you are dealing with staff shortages, then our overflow service will work as an extension to your company ensuring you never miss a call again!

How An Overflow service works:

  1. A Customer calls your dedicated company phone number
  2. We provide you with your own dedicated number. You are able to select on your phone a call redirection, so after a selected number of ring tones, the call is routed to us.
  3. One of our call agents will answer your call as per the agreed script and take the required fields for your message.
  4. As soon as the call has been completed, you are instantly emailed or sent an SMS with the message.

With an office on high quality and plentiful call operators, even if you have multiple calls at the same time, we will easily take messages from each and everyone.

Interested in utilising the overflow service to benefit your business? Save time, money and maintain integrity 24/7 365 days a year. Contact one of our call consultants today for to find out more.