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Message Answering

This is the backbone of our company and of all the telephone answering services! This essential service has helped to save our customers thousands of pounds, acquire data from customers that could have potentially lost them hundreds of thousands of pounds, acted as a 'filtering' mechanism, saving our clients time and resources, and maintaining the reputation of every customer by ensuring that all calls are answered and to the highest level!

What types of message answering to do we undertake:

  • We answer general messages if all your lines are blocked, or your telephone lines are unavailable. This would include as many message fields you require, however we always advise the basics which include the calls full name, telephone number, email and specific message.
  • It is also always advised that we have a 'prepared' response to the most frequently asked questions. This ensures that no essential information is missed out
  • This call service can be turned on and off to suit your exact needs and situation, for example, we can take any message if you do not answer after a set number of ring tones, if all your lines are completely engaged, if a call is made out of hours, or anything else related to the function for you company.

How It Works:

  1. During the initial setup phase, you will work with one of our telephone answering consultants to work out exactly how and when you want your calls answered.
  2. When the telephone calls are answered, one of our trained call agents follow the script that was setup during the initial phase.
  3. The details of the call are then sent immediately to the designated email.

We are proud that our core product is our insightful approach to our customers needs and our excellent operational efficiency in carrying out everything we have promised.

Have a query? Please contact one of our enthusiastic sales staff who shall explain exactly how we can develop an insight approach to your businesses answering needs! Email or call us today!