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Marketing Assistance

This amazing service provides excellent long term and short term solutions for any marketing or advertising campaign you are running, and acts as an incredible intermediate point for lead generation after any campaign.

Examples of Marketing support:

  • If you are running a new advertising campaign and are expecting an unusually high number of calls than usual. We can assist in the call taking, answering any calls, delivering specific instructions and messages and acting as the professional face of your company.
  • You require brochures/literature to either be posted or emailed out to clients. Following a direct mail or email marketing campaign it is common for customers to call in high numbers within the first 3 days. Along with call answering message taking, we can provide further support by sending out any physical or electronic literature at your request.
  • Our marketing assistance call answering line acts as an excellent ' qualification ground' for enquiries and requests. We work with you in developing the most relevant question that will quantify and prioritise the value of the call. Once we have accumulated all the data, the message with the quality score/exact enquiry is sent to you as soon as the call has been completed.

How the process works:

  1. We work with you in understanding your needs, your upcoming marketing campaign and the types of customer responses we can expect.
  2. A script is then developed with any specific requirements or instructions you may need. We also setup any literature that needs to be email or posted to your new callers.
  3. Once the calls start coming through, our trained call agents will then answer the calls as per the agreed scripts and follow the instructions generated during the setup phase.
  4. Once we have take the message, you or your sales team are forwarded an instant message that detail the relevant information from the call, this will include: a) The message from the call b) Details of the call relating to its quality and prioritisation scores c) any specific instructions to be required to be carried out by the company d) Actions we have taken e.g. sent marketing literature, sales brochures etc.

The typical setup phase for a marketing assistance or brochure request call answering is half an afternoon. Upon signing up, one of our call agents will work with you closely to ensure we have the best possible script prepared for your up coming campaign.

If you are interested in utilising this service, or have any queries regarding this, then please call or email us today!