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Emergency Response

The emergency response function has proven over time to be a core part of many businesses to ensure emergency issues are managed and all problems are responded to!

An emergency response telephone answering service is available 24/7 and available 365 days a year! This is essential for businesses that require their customers to have access to a representative in any emergency situation outside the conventional work hours and need to have a messaged forwarded or a special instruction delivered during exceptional circumstances. We never rest to support your business!

Who can benefit from an emergency response telephone line:

This reliable service allows clients to have a representative delivering essential information and instructions to callers, relaying important messages to clients and facilitating any emergency situation that your business may face!

For example some of the areas include rapid response engineer call out, emergency IT helpline, out of hours assistance, e.g. locksmiths, security services, home and property maintenance support and more.

During the initial setup our call agents will work closely with you to go through every possible scenario that could take place, we work with you to develop the response script for each scenario. Given the importance of the emergency response line, we trial out this script until we are confident it will deliver every need.

How it works:

  1. During the initial setup stage, we develop a plan for every possible call and the desired response you require. This will inevitably vary client by client, and common responses might include a) Staff call out b) Message delivery c) Our agents following a script to deliver instructions d) escalating any issues to your own team if any queries are not answered.
  2. Once the setup stage has been agreed, you divert your number to us. This can be a 'full divert' where the call instantly comes to us, or alternately a redirect based on the number of unanswered ringtones.
  3. Our call agent goes through the script as discussed and implements each response and action based as uploaded onto our database!

This pivotal service ensures that your company can relax during out of hours operations, working during the night, enable an incredible level of service and allow your business to operate and deliver its promises.

With years of experience, customer focused solutions and amazingly competitive pricing, we are proud of our market place position and the value that we provide to all our customers!

To find out more about this service and discuss in depth the operational aspect, please call one of our sales agents today!