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It would be easy for us to tell you why about our baseline benefits which other telephone services will also offer, which generally include:

However we take the above points as basic fundamentals that every call answering service should provide, and not be taken for granted.

However what makes us the favourites for every sized business in any type of industry is our specialised call answering consultancy during the setup stage and answering stage. One of our highly trained call consultants will work with you during the setup stage on creating as many scripts as required based on your most:

Each script is carefully crafted with one of our call agents in order to develop a script that is efficient and professional, whilst also ensuring minimum usage of your minutes, thus providing you excellent value for money. In fact, did you know that having a bespoke script for nearly every type of answering scenario will save you more than 40% in overall fees paid on a monthly basis compared to the generic answering service that all other answering services offer. One of our call consultants will spend a full half day with you to craft the perfect script.

With years of experience, customer focused solutions and amazingly competitive pricing, we are proud of our market place position and the value that we provide to all our customers!

To find out how your business can benefit from our rapid answer call service, call us, email us or start completing our order form today!