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Bespoke Scripting Services

We are the ONLY company that will dedicate half a day in developing your script so that it is perfect for your business needs!

Industry Specific Answering

We are the Only company that gives Industry Specific Message Answering! No matter what your industry, we have the experience and scripting for you. Contact Us To Find Out

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telephone answering service london

Never lose a sale, enquiry, message or your reputation ever again! Whether you require an overflow service to answer calls when you are busy, require a trained call agent to deliver your script and take specific information you require or any other call answering dedicated service, then we have the answer for you! Visit our different packages or call us today to see what works for you.

How It Works

The Process in 3 Simple Steps

telephone answering service uk

Select The Plan That is Most Suited To You. Have Your Personal Scripting Created For You.

telephone answering services uk

Set your call transfer so that one of our call agents will answer the call to reflect your script

telephone answering uk

You will receive the outcome of the call via email or SMS immediately after the call

uk answering service
uk call answering service
  • What call options do you offer?

    We offer a wide variety of call options suited to every possible business need, no matter what your company size, industry or location is. Please review our packages to explore the call answering solutions, overflow services, switch board routing, marketing support, emergency and out of hours support and all other dedicated telephone answering services.

  • How do create the script?

    As a part of our insightful approach to meeting the needs of our customers, we spend an entire day working with you to develop a script that is suited to your exact requirements. We have a logical methodology which has proven to work perfectly time and time again. Once we have agreed the first version of the script, we then test this accordingly to ensure we can apply any changes immediately. A well crafted script ensures less talk time and a better caller experience.

  • How will I receive the message?

    As soon as a message has been taken, you are emailed the message to any desired email address, which normally arrives within seconds of the end of the call. If you would like the message sent to more than one mailbox then this can be accommodated. The option also exists for the messages to be texted directed to your phone.

  • How do I set up a call divert?

    The main type of call diverts available are an instant call divert, which means that all calls are diverted to us(putting the prefix *21" before your number), a call divert which is activated after a number of unanswered rings (putting the prefix *66* before your number). Lastly a call divert if the line is engaged or busy(putting the prefix *67* before your number).

  • How much does it cost?

    The typical pricing structure is on a per minute basis with costs at 95pence per minute. By signing up to the monthly package you are provided with a certain number of inclusive minutes for the rate as above. During the sign up stage, there is a nominal setup fee involved where one of our team will craft the script with you. Please visit our pricing page for more details about the different pricing plans.

  • Do you offer on a price per call

    This is something we can arrange. Once we have existing data on calls received from previous usage history (e.g. call type and duration), we can work with you to put together a 'cost per call/message' basis. This has proven to be a successful option for clients that have clear call patterns. For more information on this please call or email us today.

  • Are your services flexible?

    We are so confident that you will feel the immediate impact and value of our call answering service, that we offer a flexible package with a 1 month notice period, inclusive minutes, and a minimum contract period of 2 months. We are confident of a high retention rate through fast answering, reliable messaging and competitive rates.

  • Will callers recognise it is a call service?

    There are two points to consider regarding this question; firstly that before the answering service goes live, we would have developed a robust script to ensure that whatever type of call requirements you have, we would have prepared to answer it perfectly ensuring your callers are communicated with efficiently and professionally. Secondly, using an overflow service is a sign of excellent customer service for any company as they have clearly decided to prepare for their busy periods - something which is always appreciated by callers, therefore if you ever disclose this to your caller, this is never viewed negatively.